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Most people mistakenly connect the Bible to Christianity, specifically, but what they do not know is that the truth found within the Bible was never meant to be connected to any religion, whatsoever. When people develop a bad taste in their mouths about Christianity, they unfortunately, because of this mistaken connection, throw out the Bible in its entirety as well. Because the Bible has been misused and misunderstood by pastors and theologians for millennia, however, does not mean that it does not contain truth. In II Timothy 2:15 we are told that a good workman must learn to rightly divide the word of truth. The word divide in this verse is the Greek word orthotomeo and quite literally means ‘to cut’; and you cannot ‘cut’ something without separating it from the thing to which it was previously attached. That is the nature of ‘cutting’. Any attempts to ‘cut’ the truth out of the Bible, however, are always met with hostility from theologians because of the false scribal doctrine that the Bible in its current form is inspired by God and therefore wholly good and inerrant. That doctrine, however is a very dangerous lie that once again, was created by the Jewish Scribes who manufactured what is known today as Judeo-Christianity.

Dr. McQuate cuts through many of the lies that have been woven into Christianity and in doing so, separates them from the truth, so you can see it as it was meant to be seen. This is what the true Creator called Dr. McQuate to do when he was a young boy, at this time in history. Dr. McQuate was prophesied over many times by many people throughout his life. He was told, and we quote, that ‘he would go where no one else had gone before’, which he certainly has. He was told that the Father would put a ‘fiery word in his mouth’, which He has done. He was told that he would ‘uncover things that no one else had ever uncovered’, which he has undoubtedly accomplished. He was told that he would ’cause the blinders to fall off of people’s eyes’, which he does every day. He was told that the Father would ‘bring him fresh revelations’ and that He would put a ‘new word in his mouth’, which continues to happen every day. He was told that he would be a ‘man of the spirit’ who is called to be ‘fiery within his breast’ and that he would ‘preach like fire’, and ‘proclaim like fire’ to melt the hearts of those who will listen, to burn away the lies that have held them captive. He was told that he would be ‘given the key to unlock things and release the Father’s anointing’, which is a big part of his ministry. And he was told that he would be a ‘trailblazer in these Last Days’; a name by which he has been called by many, for obvious reasons.

These are just some of the reasons Dr. McQuate is able to bring you the truth. The Father has shown it to him, through tens of thousands of hours of obedient in-depth research and exegesis and it is now available to those who have a desire for it and see how precious it truly is. When Daniel 12:4 states that the truth would be revealed only at the time of the ‘End’, that is precisely what it means; and this is why you will find the truth within Dr. McQuate’s works in these End Times as he is a man who has been ‘called’ by God to do just that. The information Dr. McQuate reveals within his works is not available anywhere else on the planet, so obtain it while you can. You’ll be very glad that you did.