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This is where you will find the books and papers written by Dr. McQuate. There is a wide range of topics covered within Dr. McQuate’s work as you will see. All of the answers he provides have been well-researched and carefully sifted from beneath the layers of Biblical narrative and other ancient languages such as the Sumerian, Mandaic and others.

The majority of what you will read in Dr. McQuate’s writings cannot be found anywhere else. This is because of the unique and highly-effective methods he has developed for uncovering the deep secrets that have been hidden beneath the language. Simply choose from any of his works below to begin your journey into the truth.


The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained

In Matthew 24, the Disciples ask Esu (‘Jesus’) what will be the sign of the end of the world? Esu tells them a parable of the Fig Tree, but the true meaning of the Fig Tree has never been explained…until now. You are about to discover the fascinating hidden meaning behind the prophetic parable of the ‘Fig Free’, as exposed for the first time during our history in this book by Dr. Scott McQuate. Learn how this Bible prophecy of Jesus, unbeknownst to Pastors and Theologians, is secretly being fulfilled right now and is a prophetic sign  . . . . . Read More


Orgone Uncovered

In the 1950’s Wilhelm Reich, a physician and student of Sigmund Freud, coined the phrase ‘Orgone’ energy and described it as the ‘life force energy expressed as sexual energy’. Freud had already developed the idea of ‘Libidinal’ energy, a word he borrowed from the Latin meaning ‘lust’ or ‘desire’ and described this energy as a ‘psychic field’. Orgone energy is literally a bio-electric ‘sexual charge’ and unwitting individuals have become enamored with this energy over the last few decades, unaware of the force with which they are dabbling . . . . . Read More


The Holy Grail & the Meaning of YHWH

The search for The Holy Grail has been the quest of all quests throughout the ages. Becoming known as the Sangrial in the mid 16th century, the search for the Grail has only heightened since that time. Find out for the first time what the Holy Grail really is in the book The Holy Grail and the Meaning of YHWH by Dr. Scott McQuate. Discover what a long-forgotten stone buried in the pages of antiquity, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Solomon’s Temple, the letters YHWH and the great Sumerians all have in common. Leonardo DaVinci . . . . . Read More


The Red Dragon and the Sheep

Setting the new standard for gaining insight into texts once relegated to the dust bin of antiquity, The Red Dragon and the Sheep brings a new and refreshing understanding of the age-old secrets hidden within the ancient Cuneiform language; and explains how these secrets have been intentionally concealed by the authors of the Bible. These mysterious and precious hidden gems, excavated from beneath codes and symbols never before understood by the scholars and theologians of our day, are now yours for the taking . . . . . Read More


The Reaping

In the 1800’s, an Evangelist by the name of Darby coined the phrase ‘The Rapture’. Since that time, there have been numerous books written and many doctrines that have been manufactured to explain this highly-misunderstood and highly-interesting event, such as the Pre-Tribulation rapture doctrine and others. But the questions surrounding this event, spoken of in the book of Matthew and elsewhere, are still many. Is The Reaping a real event? If so, what will happen? Who will be effected by this Harvest and how will they . . . . . Read More


The Secret Rapture

Continuing the theme of The Reaping comes Dr. McQuate’s book entitled The Secret Rapture. There is an imminent and global event that is about to take place that has been spoken of by many cultures predating the Bible, but none of the theologians and scholars of today have been able to clearly identify what is really going to happen or even how it will take place… until now. The Secret Rapture not only provides the truth about this event that you will find from no other source, but also uncovers the true purpose . . . . . Read More


Blueprint For Bondage

It began in the Garden in Eden when the dominion of man was stolen and the first fatal blow was delivered to his seed. Shrouded by rhetoric and reinforced by false doctrines, this ancient agenda has reached its apex and will soon close its religious, political and financial snare, unleashing other-worldly forces that have never been witnessed in the history of the world. Blueprint for Bondage, Dr. McQuate’s first highly-acclaimed book, is a non-fiction work that sounds the alarm. Unbeknownst to the masses, forces have coalesced . . . . . Read More


Understanding Ezekiel’s
Wheel in a Wheel

To understand Ezekiel’s wheel has been the desire of serious truth-seekers throughout the ages. The search for answers regarding this mystery, however, has been filled with conjecture and fantasy for far too long, leading people to give up the search, believing that the answers to this mysterious object can’t be found; but after reading this book, you’ll know that is simply not true. Find out for the first time what Ezekiel’s wheel really was in Dr. McQuate’s book Understanding Ezekiel’s Wheel In A Wheel. Discover what Ezekiel’s wheel . . . . . Read More


The Tribulation

The Great Tribulation is a topic of great interest to millions of Christians around the world, but should be of interest to everyone despite their religious affiliations or lack thereof, as this soon-to-come epic event will forever change the face of the entire world. If you’ve ever wondered about The Tribulation but haven’t found suitable answers, you’re not alone. You’ll wonder no more once you read The Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed From Texts Predating The Bible. In this book Dr. McQuate shows how . . . . . Read More


Cinderella & Other Tales of the Pharies

Fairy tales have charmed children at bedtime for centuries and have influenced millions of impressionable minds with their seemingly harmless messages; and one of the most popular and well-known fairy tales of all time is that of Cinderella. What if this enchanting story of a lost glass slipper and a fair ash-sweeping maiden had a more sinister origin? What if the foundation upon which this tale had been built was as old as the book of Genesis itself and had even been ripped from the very same pages that tell us of the creation . . . . . Read More



There are many everyday symbols in our world that hold very deep meaning that goes unnoticed by the masses. These symbols also hold power that enables those who know their meaning to rule over the world. Entire countries wield their power based on the supernatural strength that these symbols grant them. Gaining knowledge of the deeper meaning held by these global icons also enables those who are under their control to break free from their grip. The origin of this web of symbolic control is scattered . . . . . Read More


The Great Divorce

One of the primary methods  employed to prevent onlookers from becoming aware of deceptive endeavors and learning trade secrets is the use of aliases. This nefarious practice has been utilized in all classes by those from the royal houses to even the lower classes of all societies. To cover one’s identity is an age-old tactic used also by those within secret societies. In The Great Divorce, Dr. McQuate shows how these groups, complicit with the scribes who wrote the Bible, have implemented this same practice . . . . . Read More


The Abomination of Desolation

Dr. McQuate’s book, The Abomination of Desolation Explained As You’ve Never Heard It Before reveals that the prophesied Abomination of Desolation spoken of in the books of Matthew and Daniel is already here unbeknownst to the religious leaders of the world. There is much more to this story, however, than the location of a thing. Dr. McQuate not only reveals what it is, where it can be seen and what it foretells but also uncovers the ancient hidden clues that have been missed by Theologians and Scholars . . . . . Read More


Name Changes In The Bible &
The Sacred Spiral Of The Ark

To quote Shakespeare, ‘What’s in a name?’ The answer? Much more than meets the eye, according to Dr. McQuate’s research into ancient texts. Throughout the Bible it was a common occurrence for a person’s name to be changed by ‘The Lord’. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and so on. Traditionally it has been taught by Pastors and Theologians that this was a way for the writers . . . . . Read More