The Great Tribulation is a topic of great interest to millions of Christians around the world, but should be of interest to everyone despite their religious affiliations or lack thereof, as this soon-to-come epic event will forever change the face of the entire world. If you’ve ever wondered about The Tribulation but haven’t found suitable answers, you’re not alone. You’ll wonder no more once you read The Tribulation by Dr. Scott McQuate. In this book Dr. Scott McQuate shows how, for centuries scholars and theologians have taught misleading doctrines that were forged in Babylon more than twenty six hundred years ago by those referred to in Jeremiah 8:8 as the “Lying Scribes” and how these false doctrines have adulterated the world’s understanding of what the book of Matthew states will be the most catastrophic and chaotic event that the world has ever experienced. Discover what no Pastor, Theologian or Biblical Scholar has ever known and learn the never-before-seen connection of the Great Pyramid, the Garden in Eden, a recently-discovered stone hive, a secret planet, the the return of Christ and your DNA to the imminent and epic event known as The Great Tribulation. Called ‘The most important book ever written about the End Times’ and now read in more than 60 countries, this prophetic, fascinating and highly-acclaimed book by Dr. Scott McQuate is one that you will not soon forget.