One of the most important truths that has been concealed for thousands of years, is the fact that the Bible is a secret repository of ancient hidden truth. The knowledge of this fact and more importantly, the knowledge of how to uncover that secret truth, has been intentionally hidden from humanity…until now.

Dr. McQuate has developed a unique and highly-effective system of exegesis, not related to the system of Hermeneutics that has proven to be the most elucidating method ever found for mining out the ancient secrets buried beneath the pages of the Bible and as you read his works, you will have no doubts that this is the case.

In the 1950’s, language scholars had to confess that they were wrong. For decades they had taught millions of students that there was no connection to the English language and others such as Dutch, Swedish, Germanic and many others. They taught that these languages were derived separately and at different times so therefore, they could not be connected in any way. When linguists began uncovering far too many similarities between these languages to maintain their previously-held beliefs, they finally admitted that these languages were connected and gave them the name of Teutonic or Germanic as they are known today. In similar fashion, Biblical scholars have claimed for centuries that there is no connection to the Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Mandaic and others with which the Bible was written, to those languages known as Afro Asiatic; but as Dr. McQuate shows throughout his works, this is a fundamental flaw that prevents them from ever understanding the hidden messages of the Bible. There is indeed one tree of language from which the others have sprung.