Continuing the theme of The Reaping comes Dr. McQuate’s book entitled The Secret Rapture. There is an imminent and global event that is about to take place that has been spoken of by many cultures predating the Bible, but none of the theologians and scholars of today have been able to clearly identify what is really going to happen or even how it will take place… until now. The Secret Rapture not only provides the truth about this event that you will find from no other source, but also uncovers the true purpose of this epic occurence that has been hidden within ancient texts. You will learn what it has to do with an ancient genetic contract, the Holy Grail, The Ark of the Covenant, the murder of a royal twin, the Great Pyramid at Giza, UFO’s and Orbs, your very own DNA and much more. The Secret Rapture has a more ancient origin and what it truly is, when it will occur and how it will come about has been covered by layers of language to hide the truth for millennia. Read this book and protect yourself from the deception and trickery that is already underway.