Setting the new standard for gaining insight into texts once relegated to the dust bin of antiquity, The Red Dragon and the Sheep brings a new and refreshing understanding of the age-old secrets hidden within the ancient Cuneiform language; and explains how these secrets have been intentionally concealed by the authors of the Bible. These mysterious and precious hidden gems, excavated from beneath codes and symbols never before understood by the scholars and theologians of our day, are now yours for the taking. Dr. Scott McQuate’s new research into ancient texts, including the Bible continues to provide mind-blowing answers to many ancient secrets, heretofore unanswered. Never before released to the public, the information you will find within these pages will truly give you the keys to unlock the answers to mysteries of which only a handful of the world’s elite¬†are even aware. Prepare to discover the truth of an ancient mystery, foretelling of imminent events of epic proportions. Answers to the Great Pyramid, the Ark of the Covenant, UFO’s, shrouded ancient genetic symbolism and more are now available. Learn secrets hidden for millennia and discover the secret connections of which no other scholar is aware.