In Jeremiah 6:16 we are told to seek the old paths because they contain the good way. The word ‘old’ in that verse is the Hebrew word owlam and means ‘ancient’. Dr. Scott McQuate took this verse seriously and began studying the most ancient language path known to man in light of the Bible, that of the Sumerian Cuneiform.

One of the most guarded secrets that Dr. Scott McQuate has uncovered that is completely unknown to Pastors, Theologians and Biblical Scholars, is that the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages, the three primary languages with which the Bible was written, have been largely built upon the Sumerian language; and it is imperative to know this sacred, long-hidden fact to understand the secret, End Time truth, concealed within the Bible. Sumerian, being in the Afro Asiatic group of languages, however, has never been used for exegesis of the Bible…until now. To our knowledge, there is no other scholar or theologian who uses the method of exegesis developed by Dr. Scott McQuate through much prayer and fasting. This is the reason that you will literally not find these truths from any other source. Read these works by Dr. Scott McQuate and take your knowledge of long-hidden Biblical truth to a whole new level.