The search for The Holy Grail has been the quest of all quests throughout the ages. Becoming known as the Sangrial in the mid 16th century, the search for the Grail has only heightened since that time. Find out for the first time what the Holy Grail really is in the book The Holy Grail and the Meaning of YHWH by Dr. Scott McQuate. Discover what a long-forgotten stone buried in the pages of antiquity, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Solomon’s Temple, the letters YHWH and the great Sumerians all have in common. Leonardo DaVinci left us clues to this riddle that have gone unnoticed by Grail seekers for centuries in his paintings of the Last Supper, John the Baptist and the Mona Lisa; and the clues you’ll read about in this book by Dr. Scott McQuate are entirely different than any you’ve seen before. This book answers many riddles including the secret meaning of the mysterious letters YHWH, falsely and inaccurately referred to as The Lord God, Jehovah or Yaweh¬†in the Bible, the reason for the use of aliases in the Bible and by members of secret societies , where to locate the grail in DaVinci’s paintings, who Mona Lisa really was, where the Holy Grail is and much more. Take hold of history now and learn the elusive mystery of the Grail riddle once and for all in this fascinating work by Dr. Scott McQuate!