One of the primary methods used to prevent onlookers from becoming aware of deceptive endeavors and from learning trade secrets, is the use of aliases. This nefarious practice has been utilized in by those from the royal houses to even the lower classes of all societies. To cover one’s identity is an age-old tactic used also by those within secret societies. In The Great Divorce, Dr. Scott McQuate shows how these groups, complicit with the Scribes who wrote the Bible, have implemented this same practice to cover the true identity of the figure Lucifer, within the Bible and elsewhere in our society. If you ask a Pastor or Theologian, they will tell you that Lucifer was a fallen angel, but they do not realize the commonality between Lucifer and many other high-profile figures in the Bible, referred to under different names or aliases. Because of this, they have missed one of the most crucial components necessary for understanding the true and hidden message of the Bible. Dr. Scott McQuate exposes the true identity of Lucifer and goes on to explain how the age-old secrecy surrounding this figure’s identity is one of the main reasons for the problems facing our world. The perfect companion to The Red Dragon and the Sheep, The Great Divorce by Dr. Scott McQuate enters into territory you would not expect as it reveals truth that has been hidden by the powers-that-be for thousands of years…just as prophesied.