Fairy tales have charmed children at bedtime for centuries and have influenced millions of impressionable minds with their seemingly harmless messages; and one of the most popular and well-known fairy tales of all time is that of Cinderella. What if this enchanting story of a lost glass slipper and a fair ash-sweeping maiden had a more sinister origin? What if the foundation upon which this tale had been built was as old as the book of Genesis itself and had even been ripped from the very same pages that tell us of the creation of man? Would you be so enamored with the portrayal of this story by the popular media that you would deny this proof or would you be open to learning the truth about Cinderella? Dr. Scott McQuate shows how the story of Cinderella is a shrouded, direct re-telling of the events of Genesis chapter two and how those same events, unbeknownst to Christianity, cover a secret, hidden story beneath their overt message that tell of the destruction of the earth as well as mankind, by fire. Read the fascinating discoveries by Dr. Scott McQuate and learn the real meaning of one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time and see what the Pharies have truly hidden within this story and beneath the pages of the Bible.