We live in a world that is full of dichotomies. Everywhere we look we see the duplicitous, two-sided nature of things in everyday life. We see it in our politics with the bantering back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. We see it in the financial world with the ebb and flow of commerce. We see it in personal relationships in the duality of the sexes. It is readily-noticeable on a global scale with the perpetual cycle of wars between two nations. It is part of the everyday fabric of the legal arena when attorneys argue back and forth within the JUdicial system; and as Dr. Scott McQuate points out, this theme of duplicity has never been more noticeable in these End Times, than in the religious world, specifically between the two major End Time religions of Christianity and Islam. Interestingly, as diametrically-different as we are told these religions are, both of these religions eerily have several of the same characters, themes and even symbols of another religion called Judaism.

Is it possible that there is a secret, even nefarious connection between these three major religions of the Last Days that has been concealed from the world? Read this fascinating book by Dr. Scott McQuate or watch the DVD and you will know the shocking End Time truth that has never been revealed…before now.

Is it possible that the distinction and resulting ongoing conflicts that our government and the media perpetuate, between these religions has been manufactured, in order to hide the truth and distract and deceive the world for purposes of control? Is it possible that the purpose of this deceit is truly to keep your soul enslaved, here in what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon? Is this the reason Jesus specifically stated that knowing the truth alone, is what will make us free and provide what he called rest for our souls in Matthew chapter 11?

Strangely enough, we also see this theme within the fundamental building blocks of the foundation of what we call ‘Life’ when we look at our two-sided, double-helix DNA, which begs this question: Is this ever-present dichotomy in our world really the plan of the true Creator or is it possible that it is a false construct that has been manufactured by those who want to mimic the true Creator, here on earth, and by doing so, raise themselves up to appear as ‘God’, as we are told Lucifer would do in chapter 14 of Isaiah?

What you will learn in the book and DVD by Dr. Scott McQuate entitled Christianity vs. Islam: The End Time Dialectic Exposed will both entertain and shock you and will take your understanding of the Bible, God and even the world in which you live to new heights. Get ready to learn what you will never hear from any other source on the planet and discover the truth that the world has never known, until now, in these End Times…just as foretold.