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PaxeonPublishing.comPaxeon Publishing is the exclusive provider of the powerful Esoteric and Theological literary works of Dr. Scott McQuate. Dr. McQuate's research is some of the finest and most unique that we have found in the world when it comes to answering the deep questions to life's mysteries and now this body of work is available to you. 

Many have sought answers to life's questions by way of religious organizations, educational systems, metaphysical philosophies or even by aligning themselves with more clandestine organizations such as Freemasonry and the like; and have found themselves left with more questions still. Dr. McQuate teaches that the reasons that even the most illustrious of these traditional paths do not provide viable answers to humanity's deepest questions, is because the ones who have made those paths widely available, have acquired the answers they provide in the wrong way and therefore, approach the puzzle of truth from an inaccurate perspective, producing in turn, a skewed set of answers. This is precisely why, according to Dr. McQuate, those who embrace the traditional philosophies, whether they be religious, esoteric, metaphysical or otherwise, find themselves in endless 'search mode', amidst a fragmented system and at odds with the truth.

The Truth Can Be Known

We live in Mystery Babylon todayDr. McQuate is known around the world for his keen ability for mining out age-old secrets that have been intentionally hidden for thousands of years. Until now, these secrets, integral to humanity's freedom, have lied dormant beneath the language of the ancient texts because they have been hidden by those referred to as the lying scribes of Jeremiah 8:8. These doctrines of the scribes that have replaced the truth necessary for humanity's freedom, were taken from the ancient Babylonian culture around 586 BC and since that time have incrementally been woven into the traditions and commonly-accepted beliefs that are so prolific within our society today; and the unquestioning acceptance of these principals is one of the primary reasons that the world is frought with confusion, today. Dr. McQuate cuts through the confusion, by providing the answers that others have missed.

Why Christianity Fails At Providing Truthful Answers

Many Answers...One TruthThere are numerous reasons why the important answers to life's deepest secrets have gone unnoticed, not the least of which is the theological practice of exegesis. The definition of exegesis is 'to interpret' and this system of interpretation falls under the science of Hermeneutics. Hermeneutics, however, unbeknownst to theologians and pastors, takes its name directly from the figure known as Hermes, which is the same figure upon whose philosophy Freemasonry is built. This is why real answers never have and never will avail themselves to the religious leaders of our day, because the system of Hermeneutics that they have been given for that task, was designed to lead them down one rabbit hole after another, like Alice in Wonderland thereby, keep them in the dark.

Why Dr. McQuate Can Give You The Truth

Scribal Lies Cause ConfusionMost people mistakenly connect the Bible to Christianity, specifically, but what they do not know is that the truth in the Bible was never meant to be connected to any religion, whatsoever. When people develope a bad taste in their mouths about Christianity, they unfortunately, because of this mistaken connection, throw out the Bible in its entirety as well. Because the Bible has been misused and misunderstood by pastors and theologians, however, does not mean that it does not contain truth. In II Timothy 2:15 we are told that a good workman must learn to rightly divide the word of truth. The word divide in this verse is the Greek word orthotomeo and quite literally means 'to cut'. Any attempts to 'cut' the truth out of the Bible, however, are always met with hostility from theologians because of the false scribal doctrine that the Bible in its current form is inspired by God and therefore wholly good. That doctrine, however is a very dangerous lie that once again, was created by the Jewish Scribes who manufactured what is known today as Judeo-Christianity.

The Secret Repository Of Ancient Hidden Truth

Ancient Secrets Have Been Hidden Within The BibleOne of the most important truths that has been concealed for thousands of years, is the fact that the Bible is a secret repository of ancient hidden truth. The knowledge of this fact and more importantly, the knowledge of how to uncover that secret truth, has been intentionally hidden from humanity...until now.

Dr. McQuate has developed a unique and highly-effective system of exegesis, not related to the system of Hermeneutics that has proven to be the most elucidating method ever found for mining out the ancient secrets buried beneath the pages of the Bible and as you read his works, you will have no doubts that this is the case. 

There Is One Source For All LanguagesIn the 1950's, language scholars had to confess that they were wrong. For decades they had taught millions of students that there was no connection to the English language and others such as Dutch, Swedish, Germanic and many others. They taught that these languages were derived separately and at different times so therefore, they could not be connected in any way. When linguists began uncovering far too many similarities between these languages to maintain their previously-held beliefs, they finally admitted that these languages were connected and gave them the name of Teutonic or Germanic as they are known today. In similar fashion, Biblical scholars have claimed for centuries that there is no connection to the Semitic languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Mandaic and others with which the Bible was written, to those languages known as Afro Asiatic; but as Dr. McQuate shows throughout his works, this is a fundamental flaw that prevents them from ever understanding the hidden messages of the Bible. There is indeed one tree of language from which the others have sprung.

The Importance Of Language

Sumerian Cuneiform - The Oldest Known LanguageIn Jeremiah 6:16 we are told to seek the old paths because they contain the good way. The word 'old' in that verse is the Hebrew word owlam and means 'ancient'. Dr. McQuate took this verse seriously and began studying the most ancient language path known to man in light of the Bible, that of the Sumerian Cuneiform.

One of the most guarded secrets that Dr. McQuate has uncovered is that the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages, the three primary languages with which the Bible was written, have been largely built upon the Sumerian language. Sumerian, being in the Afro Asiatic group of languages, however, has never been used for exegesis of the Bible...until now. To our knowledge, there is no other scholar or theologian who uses Dr. McQuate's method of exegesis. This is the reason that you will literally not find these truths from any other source.

A Time Such As This

Learn The Secrets Uncovered For A Time Such As ThisIn Proverbs 25:2 we are told it is the glory of god to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to discover a matter. We do not feel that it is any coincidence that the etymology of the name 'McQuate' when broken down into its original form of 'Mac' and 'Uad' quite literally means Son of Rule indicating an ancient royal lineage of 'rule' or 'kingship' of Dr. McQuate. Furthermore, In Daniel 12:4, Daniel is told to seal the book until the time of the end when knowledge will increase. Knowing that we are living in that time today, it should come as no surprise that a body of ancient, hidden knowledge should be uncovered at this time in history, as can be seen all throughout Dr. McQuate's works. For the first time in history, by reading Dr. McQuate's research, you can now know the truth that has been hidden for thousands of years.

Simply choose any of Dr. McQuate's works on the left-hand menu to learn what's been concealed for thousands of years.

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Thoroughly impressed with this man's work
M. Brandt from Pennsylvania, US
I watched a video of a fascinating lecture Dr. McQuate gave about genetics and the Bible on Youtube and decided to purchase his tribulation book. I finished reading it two weeks ago and finally had to take some time to post a comment to say that I was thoroughly impressed. I really can't express how much I enjoyed this book other than to say it is one of the most fascinating reads I've ever had. It explains the Tribulation like nothing else I've ever read. My father (a pastor for many years) discouraged me from getting it because he felt it was not 'of God', but I am happy to say that he has now read it twice, happily admitted that he was mistaken in his reaction to Dr. McQuate and has joined my enthusiasm for his work. I don't know if Dr. McQuate considers himself a prophet, but my Father has now used that word in reference to this man more than once and I feel the same. I want to say thank you to him for his dedication and hope that if anyone has any doubts about the spiritual nature of this book, rest assured that you will have a new enthusiasm for the creator once you've read it. I will be getting more of his books soon. Thanks again Dr. McQuate. You are appreciated more than you might know.
Posted at 3:22:pm 10/06/14
Far Above The Ordinary - Thank you Dr. McQuate
MaxwellT from Nevada
I've read a number of Dr. McQuate's books including The Tribulation, The Secret Rapture and The Holy Grail and I plan to purchase the entire collection soon, especially now that we can take 6 months to pay with the Bill Me Later plan. I wanted to say that I'm seriously impressed with Dr. McQuate's research. I teach Bible classes to High School age students and for the first time ever I understand what many of the stories in the Bible are really saying. (That's a little unsettling not to mention humbling.) I will gradually be implementing these truths into my classes so the younger generation can grow up in the truth, as God intended, rather than have their heads full of fairy tales. I am so grateful for Dr. McQuate's work and encourage anyone who is a truth-seeker to get these while you can. There is no better investment.
Posted at 4:50:am 05/23/13
Great Lecture!
Larry Milam from United States
Doc's lecture w/ the Redlands Broadcast was off the hook! I hope he does more asap to keep getting the TRUTH out. I've turned some friends on (even the Holy Rollers) to his website after i asked them questions they couldnt answer then they find they really didnt know as much as they thought they did, LOL!
Posted at 11:39:pm 03/15/13
Great Information!!!
Larry Milam from United States
I think Dr McQuate has done an outstanding job uncovering the information he's put together! I was raised a Pentecostal/Apolstolic and i knew within my spirit there was more to the Bible than i was exposed to. We should be sharing the TRUTH instead of knocking each others faith etc. Just reading n hearing his lectures has opened my eyes as well! One thing i hope he does (or if he's already done) is to explain the New Testament relevancy: Matthew -Romans.. in deth the book of ACTS (the day of Penetacost)
Posted at 11:32:pm 03/15/13
Most interesting info anywhere
Michael T. from New Hampshire
IMHO Dr. McQuate's research is the most interesting and thought-provoking I've seen anywhere. You won't know what I mean until you read his books, because until now you've settled for the mainstream bs, but after you sink your teeth into his books and give your mind a chance to process the fact that you've been lied to, it will start to come together. Trust me, the light will come on if you give it a chance. My favorite is The Tribulation. LOTS of amazing information.
Posted at 8:29:am 01/17/13
Purchased 3 books so far...
William R. from Texas
I have read three of Dr. McQuate's books thus far, The Red Dragon and the Sheep, The Secret Rapture and The Tribulation. His approach is very unique which is probably why I find his information riveting. In my mind, the way he is able to delve so deeply into the language of the Bible and show how it was taken from the Cuneiform makes him a trailblazer of sorts and I think we'll be hearing more about him.
Posted at 10:37:pm 12/15/12
Some of the best reading I\'ve done
Janet T. from New York
I just got done reading The Tribulation and wow! This book took me for a serious ride! Every page had something that packed a wallop and helped answer so many questions I've had over the years, some of which I didn't even know I had, as strange as that might sound. When you read this book, you'll realize just how important the meanings of words are and how they've been used for a long time to keep you from the truth and why. That's all I'll say. It's simply a fabulous book.
Posted at 10:07:pm 12/15/12
Dr. McQuate's Research Is Amazing
Braden from Vermont
I've been a member of Dr. McQuate's Inner Circle for over a year and love his research. What he teaches in his writings makes the pieces of the puzzle of life fit together like nothing else I've ever seen. The quality of his work is top notch. I just thought I'd let everyone know. Thank you.
Posted at 9:47:pm 12/15/12
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